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 “A Special Little Girl”
by Derrick Jakolby Washington

 “Son You Matter!”
by Derrick Jakolby Washington

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Derrick And His Book Lovers

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What The Parents Say

-Alexa Young, CA-

"His books ignites interest in my kids, fostering their passion for reading and creating captivating tales that captivate them with delight and delight. I appreciate you fostering their passion for reading."

-Emma's Mother-

"His books are some amazing that they became our go-to source for quality storytelling and educational content. In his books, there is always something new and exciting for my kids to explore."

-Ava's Father-

"I would highly recommend his children's book to all parents out there! The engaging narratives and colorful illustrations have turned reading time into a cherished family ritual. It's truly a treasure trove for young readers!"
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