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By Derrick Jakolby Washington 

Children’s author Derrick Jakolby Washington is encouraging young Black boys and Black girls to embrace themselves with his innovative and insightful books. 

Driven by his extensive work in Human and Social Services, Washington considers himself to be a “people builder,” aiming to empower others with the skills needed to improve their quality of life and be successful.  

My #1 Best Seller on Amazon, “Son, You Matter”, encourages male youth to unlock the greatness within them as they maneuver differences in people and challenges in some of their experiences. After being encouraged by his sister and friends, Washington began his writing journey.

“I wrote my first book ‘Son, You Matter’ in 2020 after the senseless killing of George Floyd. I sat down and tried to reconcile like why this keeps happening to Black men specifically. My sister gave birth to my new nephew in 2021, and he was named after me. 

I really began to think about what life would look like for him in the next 20 years and my hope is that he wouldn’t live in a world that consistently judged him based on the color of his skin but would really look at him in the wholeness of who he is as a human being, he’s gifted, he has talents, he has abilities. Then I really began just to put pen to paper and use my thoughts as an ode or a wish for him,” he recalled. 


Author Derrick Jakolby Washington's First Book

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What The Parents Say

-Alexa Young, CA-

"His books ignites interest in my kids, fostering their passion for reading and creating captivating tales that captivate them with delight and delight. I appreciate you fostering their passion for reading."

-Emma's Mother-

"His books are some amazing that they became our go-to source for quality storytelling and educational content. In his books, there is always something new and exciting for my kids to explore."

-Ava's Father-

"I would highly recommend his children's book to all parents out there! The engaging narratives and colorful illustrations have turned reading time into a cherished family ritual. It's truly a treasure trove for young readers!"
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