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Picture of children's book author, Derrick Jakolby Washington



Now Available online wherever books are sold. 

Described as an affirmation of love and encouragement for his niece, Zyion, the story promises a heartfelt lesson to all readers while exploring the topics of Autism, empathy and inclusion. When asked about his inspiration for the story, Washington said, “It was written to remind my niece and all little children that learn “differently” that they are seen, valued, important and loved.

Washington’s niece, Zyion was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 4 years old. While his family learned to adapt to living with Autism, Washington quickly recognized a need for both, greater awareness in the “neurotypical world” and greater representation for neurodivergent communities. A portion of the proceeds from “A Special Little Girl” will go towards autism research and providing resources for children diagnosed within communities of color. It can be purchased wherever books are sold.

Cover image of children's book, "A Special Little Girl," written by author, Derrick Jakolby Washington

Derrick Jakolby Washington Author, leader and Youth advocate, releases his Sophomore children’s book entitled “A Special Little Girl” to fans and friends alike.

Book Synopsis:

Now 10- year-old Zyion, a fun-loving and energetic little girl who is loved and adored by her family. While Zyion recognizes that her family loves her, she is sometimes teased at school because she’s “different.” Zyion is autistic and sometimes has difficulty expressing how she feels. Journey with Zyion as she navigates those challenges while teaching an important lesson to her peers about embracing each other’s differences.

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